Enough advice that is pure horse-sense

Cowboy way of life U  People often ask what makes a country so special. Is it the customs, the people or the overall atmosphere that gives everyone something they desire. Three of the most unlikely people came together to ask the question of what makes American values so special. It came down to narrowing the focus into talking about the ever popular ‘horse theory’. What is that you might ask- we are still doing our best.

Mr Atiki who was often referred to as ‘the hustler’ is an old enthusiastic man whose slogan was ‘leave the world better than the way you found it’. He adopted this phrase as a principle and even instilled the same to his sons, now grown up men. The hustler never had the chance to attend school as he was taking care of his siblings which made him a hustler at an early age. This made him grow up with unique characters. He could never work at a company that was not environmentally sensitive and he would surprise many by resigning a high paying job because of not ‘caring about the future’. He shares his insights about things we never thought were possible.

The ‘travel bug’ is the second eldest in our group. He was a twenty-two-year-old cowboy whose intelligence quotient failed to match that of his peers. These two old men were his best friends and motivators although he disliked hustler’s advice on leaving the world a better place. He had developed his own slogan which was ‘live at the moment’. With the horse, which was a gift from the late uncle, time was the only limit for his travel motives. Exploring the world always remained amongst his top priorities in life. He never missed newsletters from the local travel agents about destinations to be explored.

The third guy, Mr. Arsen of this amazing troupe is just twenty-seventy years old and has a love for old stories of the like. He chooses books over love and spends most of his time reading anything he came across dealing with the American old west. These are the kinds of stories which made Mr. Arsen want to explore the past and what made it tick. He developed the ultimate theory that led to his discovery of horses being the root of American life in every aspect.

These three friends improved each others lives through their interactions. With their age differences and different opinions about life, their long but infrequent meetings usually had something new to learn from. We all shall learn something new over time, and that is not to say that we welcome all comments along the way. Send your e-mails and messages here:



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